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Be Updated With the Latest WordPress Trends for a Better Business

WordPress started out as a simple personal publishing system in 2001, now it has become one of the world’s leading content management systems. WordPress has inspired several people to become web developers with its transparent and easy to understand coding style.

In fact, it has become so famous that big news industries, celebrities, musicians, and corporations started using WordPress to connect more with readers/fans/consumers. Some big companies and artists that use WordPress are the New York Times, Katy Perry, and Samsung.

Small, local businesses have also started getting on the WordPress train for better business, and we can help you with WordPress development here in the Philippines. To somehow help you get started, here are some WordPress trends that you should be aware of:

  • Make your WordPress website more responsive and mobile-phone friendly. If you haven’t noticed, 60% of the available WordPress themes are already designed to be responsive and suitable for mobile phones. You might want to take that as a sign to get a similar design for your WordPress website. This is because more and more people use the internet to browse on their Smartphones. That’s enough reason for a businessman to create a website design that’s compatible with mobile phones.
  • A simple design that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t take forever to load is the most ideal now since speedy internet is getting more and more in demand among the masses. If you have a design that’s too extravagant it might take a little more time to load, making the impatient person close your website and choose another one that’s faster. You can still make your WordPress website design look elegant and nice, as long as it’s simple enough that it loads fast.
  • The times where Arial and Times New Roman were the only two functional fonts for a website are long gone. Although those two are still necessary for formal blog text, the design of your blog should explore the other fonts that have been forgotten for too long. Choosing the right font or using the right typography can make the difference between a plain website, and a website that’s pleasing and lovely to look at.
  • Flat, solid colors are now more popular than gradients and shadows. Strategically using the right color on certain parts of your website will make it look more powerful and modern. Gradients and shadows might now be considered old-fashioned. It’s really all about sleek, simple and sophisticated designs.

Being a businessman with a WordPress website requires you to be up to date with the latest trends for a good business. So, if you find your website is a little outdated, allow us to help you make your design look updated.

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