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How To Keep Your WordPress-Based Website Secured?

When you own a website, security should be your utmost priority. Having your site hacked by unscrupulous individuals is not fun. That is why your site’s protection must be that effective to make it safe from possible dangerous malware software.

Security is always a big thing, especially for those websites that are powered by WordPress, says a professional WordPress developer in the Philippines. If you ever faced a situation where your site has been hacked, you had to re-build it from scratch. It can take you several days to do it, which might cause you to lose your loyal customers and spend a huge amount of money just to fix the problems.

To avoid any issues regarding website security, take note of the following:

  • Only use secured hosting provider. As a general rule of the thumb, DO NOT go to those hosting providers that offer affordable hosting services. But, if you prefer availing the services of a hosting provider that only offers lower prices, just make sure that they are well-established and has an excellent track record in terms of hosting reliability. It will always be worth it to pay an extra amount of money for your peace of mind because you know that your website is in good hands.

  • Always update your WordPress-based website. Every time WordPress releases a new version of their platforms, it always contains patches and fixes that might make your site vulnerable to attacks. Always keep your website updated with the latest version and keep an eye on your Dashboard notification area and pay attention to the ‘Please update now’ messages.

  • Use a password that is hard to decipher. There are around 8% of a WordPress-based websites that are down because of weak passwords. You need to make a password that is secure and not just a simple “Admin” or “Administrator”. You can always diversify it, like “1Adm1n0269tor”, that is more difficult to guess than the former.

  • Disable file editing through your dashboard.. If hackers will successfully gain access to your admin dashboard, they could also edit your files that way, and inject malware codes or whatever dangerous code they wanted to ruin your website.
    A credible WordPress development company in the Philippines believes that it is a good idea to disable file editing method, by adding this to your wp-config.php file:

    define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

  • Always use security plugins.. When you choose and install plugins on your WordPress-based site, make sure that they are from your admin panel or under the plugin directory at wordpress.org. This is because the officially released plugins are checked for security and scanned for malware.

If you get confused by these things in keeping your WordPress-based website secure, let WordPress Designer help you. We are one of the best WordPress developers in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines who are dedicated and very attentive to detail in securing and keeping your site safe from harmful viruses.

What are the tips that you can give to keep a WordPress website secured?

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