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Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress-Based Website

WordPress has really evolved from its humble beginning as a platform used for blogging sites into a powerful and beneficial CMS. In fact, more than 60 million websites including 45 of the Technorati Top 100 sites are using WordPress! However, even if there are millions of sites on the Internet that use WordPress as their platform, problems like slow loading process cannot be avoided.

For instance, Jimmy owns a photography site online and he always receives complaints from his clients that it takes time for his site to be fully loaded and to see its full content. Well, Jimmy’s problem is not new for all business owners who have a WordPress-based website on the Internet. No one wants to lose a potential customer because of a slow-loading site. So, if you do not want Jimmy’s problem to happen to you, here are the things that you MUST do.

  • Hire credible and a good web hosting provider. Speed and reliability are two important factors to remember when you hire a web host. See to it that you can find a web hosting firm that offers trusted and reliable records and provide plenty of bandwidth. Remember, if your host is slow, your site will also be slow and you can really do nothing about it. So choose wisely.

  • Use an excellent theme. There are thousands of themes readily available for you, but only choose themes that have simple and clean code behind it. This is because the messier your WordPress theme is, the more effort a web browser has to work to load your site. To help you in choosing the right theme for your WordPress site, you can always ask professional advice from an expert WordPress developer in the Philippines.

  • Upload small or compressed image files in your WordPress site. Before uploading your image to your site, resize it first for your site to load quickly. Large size images can be the cause of a slow-loading site, so always optimize the pictures that you will be uploading to your website.

  • Install a caching plugin. Caching can speed up the loading process of a website. For instance, the first visitor will roam on your website and the plug in will then save the data from the first visitor and then serve it directly to any subsequent visitors. This process can reduce the strain on your database and the user’s browsing experience. One of the best and highly recommended plugins by professional WordPress development firms in the Philippines for this is the W3 Total Cache.

Do you have any knowledge of the other ways to speed up a WordPress-based website?

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