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Top 3 Methods How To Optimize WordPress Websites for Mobiles

Mobile-optimized websites are no longer a matter of luxury, but a necessity. If you want your website to be relevant to your target audience, you need to provide them with an easier access through their various devices.

This is especially true if you have a WordPress-based website. Such sites with platforms like these use various themes that are attractive, but not mobile friendly.

In order to make your website look well on various devices such as desktops, iPads, iphones, and the likes, it’s essential for you to mobile-optimize it.

Here are 3 easy methods which can guide you how to optimize your WordPress website to mobile devices.

  • Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme. This is the most common method to make a website mobile friendly. The responsive web design offers an easy reading and navigation functions from desktop computer monitors to mobile devices.

    With a responsive WordPress theme, your site can automatically adjust its appearance according to the devices used by viewers, without CSS changes or any code additions. You can find many well-designed responsive themes in the WordPress marketplaces today. ThemeForest for instance offers 2000 or more responsive WordPress themes. Other markets also include the Elegant Themes and Mojo Themes. With thousands of responsive WordPress themes, you can surely find one that suits your requirements.

  • Use a mobile plugin. Mobile plug ins can also enable a site to be mobile-friendly. Without going through a complicated process, you can easily install and configure them for making your website friendly to various devices.

    There are thousands of WordPress mobile plugins that you can choose from and to make your search easier, you can check out the top WordPress mobile plugins below.

    • WordPress Mobile Pack. This plug in contains a mobile switcher, admin panel, themes and widgets with which web developers can easily configure to optimize a website for mobiles.
    • WPTouch. This plugin enables elegant themes to look well on mobile devices. You can also customize the appearance of your website to deliver a user-friendly design for mobiles.
    • WordPress Mobile Detector. This is a powerful plugin that can optimize WordPress sites for mobiles in just minutes! It can detect 5,000 or more mobile devices and displays a compatible mobile theme according to what device is being used.
    • Mobile Smart. This plugin allows WordPress sites to switch its theme for users who use mobile devices.

    These plugins are all excellent and effective to mobile-optimize a WordPress website, however, which one to use will greatly depend on your opinion.

  • Create a mobile version of your desktop website. You can choose to create a special mobile version of your website. This method may need more work than the previous two. However, this might be what you need if you only want some specific features on your website that you would like your mobile visitors to see.

The future of every website is its mobile design – and it is unstoppable. There is a new device every day, and more people reach out to their mobile devices to use the internet. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobiles yet, you probably MUST do it now.

Can you think of any better method to mobile-optimize a WordPress website? Let us hear your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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