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Top Simple SEO Ideas For WordPress-based Websites

Top Simple SEO Ideas For WordPress-based Websites

WordPress is now one of the most popular platforms when making a website. In fact, even big corporations use WordPress as it is user friendly and does not require complicated codings.

Aside from that, business owners want to use WordPress in making their website because they know that search engines, like Google, love to crawl sites made from this kind of platform. However, according to an expert WordPress developer in the Philippines, having your site set up in a WordPress platform is not enough if you want to build traffic.

If you want your WordPress-based website to build an ideal number of traffic and be on top of SERP, then optimizing it is necessary. It’s best to have an SEO friendly website to make sure you attract your target market and bring revenue to your business. To be able to do that, you must take note of the following simple tips that will enable your WordPress-based site to appear on search engine’s first search result page.

  • Having high quality content is the best optimization technique that can make your WordPress-based website rank on SERP. Even if you use the best and the latest SEO method if your site has not incorporated a high quality and informative content, Google and other search engines will not put any value to it and will not increase your rankings on SERP. Relevant content is what search engines look for in a website to make it rank on search result pages. You have to make your content really appealing, one that is readable and understandable and written for humans and not for robots.
  • Put your posts to your social media profiles. Anything new to your website should be posted in your social media profiles. You will have a chance to get a bigger market when you incorporate your site’s updates to social media sites. Ask a professional WordPress designer in the Philippines to help you in putting a social media platform in your website where messages threads are easily seen by your visitors.
  • Use short and easy to remember permalinks. It is a general rule that you use an understandable and recognizable permalink. For instance, if you have a permalink like http://yourwebsitenamecom/page-id-2334-phpdeveloper-philippines/ – use http://yourwebsitename.com/phpdeveloper-philippines/, you should take note that the first words after your site’s name in a permalink are relevant. Google does not really care about any succeeding words in your permalinks. Remember to put the keywords on every page in your site to its permalinks.

If you want to make your WordPress-based website fully optimized, start looking for a credible WordPress development company in the Philippines today, like WordPress Designer. They know what is an SEO friendly website and they make sure that your website has all the necessary components to be worthy of Google’s and other search engines’ attention.

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