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Three Essential Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Loading Time

If there is one thing that a WordPress site owner suffers from, is probably because it is usually very slow to load. If you do not take the right precaution for this, you might end up feeling distressed with a sluggish site which will not only cause hassle to you, but as well as to your visitors.

So Why Website Speed Is Essential

When a visitor lands on a website for the first time, you only have 10 seconds to capture that person’s attention and convince him to hang around. Here, enters the old cliche that goes “Time is PRECIOUS”. If your website loads too slow, there is a tendency that your supposed-to-be potential visitor/lead will click the X mark and leave your page. What a loss! Right?

Note that nobody likes to wait around for your website to load. Your visitors have a lot of important things to do than to wait for your site to appear. Ten seconds is too short to captivate the attention of your website visitors. That is why it is essential for you to optimize your WP site to maximize its loading time.

To help you, below are some easy steps that you can follow to speed up your WP:

Make Sure to Cache Plugin

Caching plugin can help in improving your website’s loading time since it caches every aspect of your WP site. This will then result to significant reduction of download time. The use of W3 Total Cache is highly recommended since it is very simple to use and of course it is offered for FREE.

Optimize the Image in Your Site

Note that the image files is much larger than plain text in your site. That is why it takes too much to load compared to a website with only plain text. To minimize the loading time, you can make use of a free plugin WP-smushlt that can automatically help you reduce the size of the images found in your website.

Allow Hotlink Protection

Hotlinks happens when the external website links to an image in your website and increases its loading time. The reason why hotlinking can increase the loading time of your WP site is because it makes your server load increasingly high. However, there is this certain function that is called Hotlink Protection. You can make use of this to enable the protection in the form of bandwidth theft.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the many things that you can do in order to decrease the loading time of your WP site. However, I also understand that that you might not have enough time to do these tasks. Therefore, I suggest that you look for a professional WordPress designer Philippines to help you out.

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